My primary passion, throughout my career as an artist, has been color.

The three artists whose use of color has been most inspirational are Henri Matisse, Kenneth Noland, and Al Held: Matisse, for his lyrical use of color, most notably in his last works, the cut-outs; Noland for his simplification of forms that create a platform for his poetic and symphonic use of color; and Held, for his insistently factual use of color that project his large graphic forms into the surrounding space.

The compositional approach to my most recent series, Systems, was drawn from 3 dimensional images of molecules. These circular molecules are tethered together by connecting rods, creating a variety of configurations, flowing freely throughout the space they inhabit, enhanced and articulated by richly lyrical color. Interesting to note, that the visual composition of these molecules exhibit an interesting similarity to the visual progression of musical notes one sees in sheet music, that denoting an allegro passage in a classical symphony.

The Systems paintings employ 3 specific geometric forms. Each painting has varying numbers of these 3 motifs arranged within a field of infinite white space. Instances occur where one or more of these motifs conjoin, creating new forms, in much the same way one observes in the molecule images. Color highlights and modulates the forms, varying and enriching their expression.


Ink and acrylic paint on gessoed plywood, spray varnished, edged with white formica laminate